Cexles Finance

Project overview

The main idea of our project is to bring to the market the tools for convenient asset management, risk management for every DeFi user without any restrictions, as well as providing the usual tools for CEX users in a fully decentralized manner, without censorship and without giving full control over user funds to third parties.
Any user can trade with our tools without any limits. The TradingPlatform smart contract is responsible for validating the conditions and allows Chainlink Automation to execute orders. Chainlink Automation increases the reliability and decentralization of the entire application.

Our project provides the following types of orders:

  • Take-profit - Order that is triggered when an asset exceeds a price threshold, initiates profit taking, designed to replace an asset for profit.
  • Stop-Loss - Order that waits for prices to dip below a stop price trigger, designed to swap out of the input asset to prevent losses.
  • DCA(Dollar Cost Averaging) Order that helps to buy an asset on a regular basis (e.g. every week for one month) and allows you to average the purchase price. Perfect for beginners.
  • Trailing - Order in which the selling price of an asset is automatically adjusted upward as the market price rises, allowing investors to make a profit while allowing for potential further profits. When price falling back, after the target price, the trailing order fixes all remaining assets.