Cexles Finance


CEXLES is a fully decentralized EVM-compatible trading platform that provides a wide range of tools, familiar to CEX users, but totally on-chain.
You don't need to give your assets to centralize exchanges and hope for their honesty and reliability. Now you can use trading tools in a fully decentralized environment. Even do it directly from a smart contract, right in EVM.


The creation of the project was inspired by many recent events, such as collapses of exchanges, banks, stricter control and sanctions against many user groups. We also see a dramatic lack of such tools in the DeFi world, despite the fact that in centralized finance this area is very well developed. Taking into account the size of liquidity in DeFi, our tool will help thousands of users to manage their assets more accurately and safely, minimize risks and maximize profits.

Who is it for?

Traders, investors, DeFi projects that would benefit from functionality to control their assets. Any user who wants to comply with risk management, but not to give up their assets to centralized solutions.

How does it work?


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